We offer personalized coaching to help you achieve fluency and confidence so you can truly enjoy English conversation.

  • Pronunciation Coaching
  • Freestyle Conversation
  • Guided Conversation Coaching
  • Business Presentation Preparation
  • Technical Report Editing
  • Personalized coaching using your study materials.
  • Scenario Roleplay Practice
  • Colloquialisms
  • Pronunciation and Vocal Coaching for Singers

The Benefits

Most language classes give you a brief introduction to pronunciation then leave you on your own after that. If you were taught katakana pronunciations, your ability communicate in English will be limited.  If you are listening for katakana pronunciations, you will have difficulty understanding native English speakers, even if you know all of the words they are saying.  Likewise, if you speak with katakana pronunciation, most native English speakers will have difficulty understanding you, even if you are saying the right words. By studying correct pronunciation, you can leverage the English you already know to quickly bring your conversational skills up to the next level.

Better Pronunciation So You Can Be Understood

Listen Correctly So You Can Understand

Practice With Conversations That Interest You

Prepare For Technical Presentations